How do I store sugarpaste?


The sugarpaste should stay in a good condition for a few months if kept wraped. If you find the sugarpaste is a  little hard or dry after you have not used it for a while add the smallest amount of glycerine and work it in untill it becomes more pliable.


If you have already made flowers or figures from the sugarpaste a similar principle applies – keep in a cool, dry place out of sunlight, and in an airtight food container. It is also worth padding the base of the container with something like bubble wrap or foam to cushion the base and the sides if
you have very delicate flowers. If you have to transport your flowers then it’s also worth looking at supporting them with rolled up kitchen roll..


Sugar flowers once made will last indefinitely if stored well, just don’t let them come in contact with moisture as this will ruin them.








Kneed your icing until soft/pliable then add about 1 to 2 teaspoons of tylo powder to 500 grams of
icing/fondant. Kneed it in well, it will look like the icing is falling apart but stick with it, it will eventually blend in and look again like normal icing/fondant. Once kneeded in your icing will now beready to use to make models etc. Left over night your models will go hard. Any left over icing must be kept in a air tight container.


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